Skender Manufacturing

The Future of Building Is Here

For two years, we’ve seen our manufacturing and design divisions grow, thrive, and succeed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Today, we’re dedicating even more resources to them with the spin-off of Skender Manufacturing, now an independent, focused, and energized growth company. Focusing on these areas of expertise allows us to streamline our process, expand our partnerships across the country, and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Skender Manufacturing is the natural evolution of our modular solutions capabilities. And a revolution in the industry.

Setting the New Standard

The future of buildings has arrived. Faster, more cost-effective, and unmatched in quality, our process reinvents the concept of integrated modular buildings as only we can. By incorporating design and engineering with advanced manufacturing techniques and technology, we are continuing to make good on this promise while giving clients an “easy button” solution for their buildings.

A Process Revolution


The final finishing stage is when we blend structure and architecture, making final connections and thoroughly testing all systems. The resulting building will function, feel, and look familiar. But it represents a true breakthrough in construction—up to 50% faster with as much as 15% in cost savings. With an eye for quality and integrity, we’ve considered the tiniest details, the biggest impacts, and the latest technologies—redefining the building process for years to come.

Leading with Vision

With over 225 years of collective construction, design, manufacturing, and modular experience, Skender Manufacturing has been recognized as a top-100 U.S. builder in Lean construction.

Mark Skender


Pete Murray


Stacy Scopano

Chief Technology Officer

Tim Swanson

Chief Design Officer